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YouTube Go is a free mobile app used for sharing videos without the use of data, it is a upgraded version of the app YouTube which used internet to play the videos. This app was being specially designed keeping in mind the Indian users that are very conscious about their data and connectivity but still want to be connected to all the new latest things going on in the world. This is a amazing offline app that lets the users to save their desired videos and then watch it later on anytime they want to. This app was being launched in a Google event in Delhi. Data constraints are very much popular in today’s time which was being noticed by the company and therefore gave a remedy to these by launching this app. Users can not only download the short films but can also download the whole movie that too in very good quality with the help of this amazing app. Users can also share their favourite videos with other users locally without even using the internet which is a very great thing to do.

This app also have a lot of features to offer to its users which are being stated as follows-


youtube-go-appAvailability of related videos- the users can also have access to the videos that are related to the videos they have seen or are viewing right now, which lets them save a lot of time as they don’t have to browse through the stuff all over again to find they videos of their interests they just have to find it once and the rest work will be done by the app by shortlisting the related videos to that itself.
Preview videos- the users can also see the content that the video carries way before actually viewing it, it can be done by either the comments or reviews given to the videos by another users or also by just clicking on the summary of the video that directly takes you to the content that it has and has been given to you by this app itself.
HD prints- this app has the HD prints of all the videos and the users can see their favourite videos in high qualities of course, the users can also see what size is the video and if they reduce their quality of video then the size too automatically decreases, this gives them with ample options to choose what they want to do with their videos now. Whether they can select the HD prints or due to short sized can even choose the normal prints depending upon their personal choices.
Sharing nearby- the users can also share videos to the people who are nearby him or her at his work place, home, party etc just by some few clicks and they even don’t need a internet connectivity for that to share the stuff with people who are around them. This feature works well when a group of people sitting at the same place wants to see stuff but due to the small size of the device all are unable to do so at the same time. At that time using this feature will help them save a lot of time.

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This is a amazing app to try for all the people who lack entertainment in their life’s. You can use this app anytime you want while travelling, in your boredom time etc according to your need,wish, this app gives access to a lot of information also about thing going around the world so is a saviour also, everyone should have this amazing app in their device but for that you need to first download this app from our APK download link now. Don’t waste time in thinking and download it now from our APK download link..

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