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Joe VLC video player is a free mobile app used for playing your favourite videos at a very good quality even using your USB ,multimedia, etc. This app was being launched in the 2003. This app was launched by Joseph Paul. It helps the users to play the videos either saved in their own device or even by other external sources like USB, pen drive, Bluetooth etc. Since the day it was made many upgradations have been done in this app to make it more perfect for the users to rely up on. The users of this app also use it in their Personal computers to make the video quality better. Not only video but audios can also be played on this app very easily , the audio would be played with the logo on this app on the screen. This app is available in almost all type of operating systems like Windows, Android etc. It also supports the format of the content in amost all the languages like English, Hindi, French, Spanish and many more. The last update into this app was being made in March,2016 . There are many more features that is app has to offer to its users among which only some are being stated as follows-


Remote control- this app also have a adjoining extension to it which is the remote of this app which helps the users to change the audio or video clips that are being playing on their Personal Computer or there televisions without the need to going there to change them rather they just need to click the buttons in this app of the remote and can easily change the same, this feature functions on radio active waves that are being passed when the user clicks on this option to change the things or to do the given tasks.
Plays all formats- this app plays all the formats of data very easily without the need of hustle or stress, no format could be identified that this app can not play today, Important formats like VLC is the key importance of this app that it should surely play this, you can connect this app to whatever machine you want to, play whatever format you have and this app will never let you down with its performance.
Access to libraries- the app also have a access to the libraries of the device it is being connected to, it will just ask for a permission from the user to let it have access to the library and if once the user agrees to it then he will not have to tell the app again and again to access and play the data from the library, this feature saves a lot of time of the users and now they don’t have to make different arrangements to play different things.
Support all network streaming-all the network stream specially like HLS is being supported and played with the help of this app, it is a one stop solution to all the audio or video problems of the users who need to give presentations etc every now and then.

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joe-vlc-video-player-downloadThis app is a must have in all the device who like to play videos for either their work or for entertainment sort of things, because it renders to all the problems of the users and caters to all their needs just at one place, do t waste your time in thinking that time could be utilised some where else , this app also does not takes a lot of time to get installed in your device just a few mega bytes and a few minutes is all your need so download this app now from our APK download link now..

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