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VideoMate –

VideoMate is one of leading and famous video downloader app which is very useful in downloading video files fastly and multiple files simultaneously from any of the video sharing web sites directly. Now with this amazing app you can have the acess of downloading from the host sites and also can downloading the files in different qualities inclusive of HD version. It is also free of charge and very fast. You can save all of the videos while surfing. Today many of the internet users are using it effectively as it is very beneficial to download any sort of video directly into your device. There are end number of options available in the app for downloading any of the movie or your favorite video song. You can watch any video with the help of this app with out any sort of hurdle or disturbances.

Features –

The videomate app is full of useful features that helps you in downloading your favorite videos. Just take a look on it-
You can look or search for any video that you wish to get into your device with great ease and comfort.
Parallel downloading can also be done with the help of this amazing video downloader app.
The awesome app also offers you the video of hight definition.
You can also find the files of downloaded videos or movies etc in your file manager.
One can also play audio as well as video in the app via your device like smart phone or tablet.
It helps in detecting, downloading and saving the videos directly from net to your device.
You can also download video, mp4 or mp3 with this videoMate app.


Some of the key benefits of the app are as follows-
By downloading this free and easy to use VideoMate app, you can fastly download any of the video from the web. With the help of this app, one can also cancel, pause or resume downloading files in a very fast speed. The app has fully featured download manager, and integrated web browser. This is the best app to download your favourite videos!

Why VideoMate –

There are various apps available in the market of such type but still people prefer it more than any other app due to its some of these below noted capabilities-
It detects the links of video automatically from browser after the video has been played.
Search options are also provided in address bar to start browsing as many videos as you want.
User can also play the video directly from the app.
Preview of video before downloading the same can also be done with the help of VideoMate.
Full featured download manager with pause/remove or resume and connection lost handling capabilities.
The app is capable of download any desired video in a single tap, play the video and press the download icon that pops up on the screen of user.
You can download many videos simultaneously at the same point of time in background.
Play video in app’s in built web browser.
It gives you proper notification when the download gets started or completed.
It is supportive for large files download.
It also supports all video formats such as MPK, AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, WMV, MPG.
The developers always update the app with new and improvised features that adds up more lyrics with improved matching accuracy.
In short, it can be said that the app is the fastest video downloader with the best possible features.


As today many people are using this stupendous app, they have different reviews regarding the app. Lets take a look on it in order to know how much beneficial it is for the users-
The free video downloader app is reliable and fast. It really helps a lot in downloading videos of many types. By using the app, we come to know that the set up and categorisation etc of the app is also very handy. It has easy to use and clean interface. Also there are number of web sites that are supportive of the app.
So we hope now you are getting why we suggest you to download this great and full fledge featured app. If you want to get it now then download it by following the procedure noted below-
In order to proceed further, just click on the header or footer options of our web site and by clicking on the same you will get the app directly in to your device through APK by our web site. Our web site is very reliable and trust worthy source to download any item in your device. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab the awesome app to enjoy for lifetime and that too with out paying any thing as the app is free of cost..

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