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Viber is a popular instant messaging and Voice over IP app with over hundreds of million users all around the world. The free and awesome app is developed five years from now on 2 December, 2010 by Rakuten Inc. It is available in a total of thirty languages and is also compatible with many major operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Nokia, Symbian and many more.
The app is used by millions of people worldwide as it enables its registered users to call and contact through sms with any one and any where with out paying any thing. It is one of the fastest and easiest tool for the purpose of texting and calling. It only uses the data or internet connection of the user to let the text send or share images, videos etc.


viber-downloadThe amazing viber app offers several features, the list of which is as follows-
The free app allows its users to send the text message or picture message of any sort to any one with great ease.
A unique feature is also offered in this app in which you can delete a message even after it was sent.
You can also express what you feel to your viber contacts by way of fun stickers that includes playful, colourful stickers with animations and emoticons.
One can also make free audio calls and video chats with high definition sound quality inclusive of international calls.
Group chat feature is also provided in the app in which you can chat with up to two hundred contact at a time by making a group and even can like the message of one another.
Viber supports Cross platform i.e.. You can use the messanger in two devices simultaneously.
It does not require any sort of user name or password in order to register yourself. It gets started as soon as you enter your concerned phone number.
Safe and fully secured conversation is ensured by the app as every sms, image, video, group chat etc is end to end encrypted.
There is also an option to hide any of the chat that you don’t want to show on your message screen.
Registered users of the app can also play the games with their friends and beat their scores.

Viber APK app download –

The app has timely updated with the new upgrades in order to ameliorate the existing features and to add the new ones. If you want to download the latest version then just install the app now through APK by clicking on the header or footer options of our web site and enjoy the numerous benefits of this superb instant messaging app..

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