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UC news is also known as next generation news feed among the users in the world. These app is developed by a Chinese mobile internet company and is owned by Alibaba of China, originally launched in the year April 2004, these new app offers you various category ( Business / Technology/ family / Entertainment) etc. as per your choice of mood, as to what would you like to get update upon.

UC news was launched with a vision to keep update the users about the events happening around the world and update as and when happening.

The new app comes with android access which is highly approved the end users. It is a new revolution in the media industry as it brings millions of stories from more than 100+ media in the world.



Its Easy – with just a quick download on your smartphone or your personal computer, you are just a click away from the events happening around the world.

Its Accurate – with a strong team whose work continuously with more than 100+ media channels the news is no more old.

Lets Share- with a new revolution in the media industry, app allows you to share the events or news with your friends through social media platform (Facebook / Whatsapp) etc.

For Sports Fan- Highly recommended among the sports fan, these app is just doing wonders as it gives you real-time Cricket match score. So that you don’t miss out on your favorite matches.

With Stylish interface simple and clean design these app is user friendly and it is integrated with android and makes you feel that you connected with the world around you. To add a important point about the app is that it gives you latest update of the weather which you won’t get with any other app or news. With an easy access to the news its also fast and comfortable.

UC News App by APK can be downloaded and also its latest version can be checked by anyone wishes to avail new and more satisfactory features. The latest version can be installed by APK through our website.

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