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UC Mini is the faster, smaller and has a simpler UI. UC Browser is the 3rd leading mobile internet browser company with more than four hundres million users across more than 150 countries and regions. It is developed by Chinese mobile Internet company UC web and is owned by AliBaba.com. It was originally launched in April 2004 as a J2ME-only application. With the new logo look and tools its gaining the internet market having 7 different languages. It is a tiny version of UC Browser by UC Web. The only major differentiation between UC web and UC mini is the variation in the size. It is made for those handsets which are comparatively less storing capacity and due to which unable to download UC browser.UC Mini browser for Android gives you a best browsing experience in a mini package. It’s a lightweight browser especially useful to users of Android phones

Features of UC Mini-



1). Tiny Size: This mobile browser is a tiny version of UC Browser by UC Web that is compatible for low space devices to surf the internet with high speed.

2). Incognito Browsing: It has an in built feature of Incognito browsing, which helps the users to browse in private and leaving no trace of what they have browsed.

3). Night Mode: By activating night mode, one can browse and read in the dark or night without getting strained while reading anything or browsing.

4). Gesture Commands: With the help of this distinct feature the user can adjust the volume of videos by increasing or decreasing it. This gesture command also helps to control the progress of the video.

5). Optimized layout: This browsing software is compatible and optimized to any screen, even in small devices like mobile too.

6). Smart downloading: Though this browser is small in size, it supports multiple files like videos, games, apps, music, etc to be downloaded at a single point of time with high speed option. It also offers an option to upload multiple files at a time. One need not worry about the network error or breakage as even if the network connection gets disturbed, with the help of the smart browser feature the browser reconnects automatically and the downlaoding starts from the break point and not intial point.

7). Navigation Cards: This features helps to get local content and services like videos, cricket, games, etc. This navigation feature is available only in India.

8). Speedy Browser: This application allows the browser to browse and surf with high speed and dependability due to its tiny size and compatiblity.

9). Other Features: The other miscellaneous features that helps the browser to use this application faster, with convenience and with simplicity are : Cloud sharing, QR code, Full screen, Check Network, Text only more, etc…

UC mini by APK can be downloaded and also its latest version can be checked if anyone wishes to avail new and more satisfactory features.The latest version can be installed by APK through our website ( Latest version 10.7.8). The version was recently updated on 13th August 2016 with mini size of 2.06 mega bytes. The mini browser can be downloaded in minimum android version of 2.3+ Gingerbread, API 9.

Why UC Mini?

Due to its tiny version and used by many lightweight mobile users, today numerous users are dowloading it in their PC, laptop, tablet etc. and availing the benefit of this mini and smooth browser. So why wait more, download the smaller, faster and more simpler app from our website.

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