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Twitter is a very popular online social networking service that enables its registered users to read and send a short message of 140 characters. If one is not a registered user then he or she can only read them and can’t send the message. The message is popularly known as tweets. It was founded ten years from now on 21 march, 2006. Head quarters of twitter is in San Francisco, California, US and it was founded by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams. The app currently has millions of users worldwide.


Twitter has many benefits that we are going to discuss in following paragraph in brief, just have a look-
It lets the user know what is happening in the whole world. It helps in creating awareness regarding every field whether it is related to sports, entertainment, politics, big events and many more. Every breaking news is available on the twitter.
Also with the help of live commentary options, you can the full story and its complete details as and when it unfolds. You can also talk about any matter or any news on it and also get the videos, live footage and moments directly from the source.
On twitter, one can also post the photos, videos and ever stream live videos with the periscope button and today it has really a great scope all over the world.
After different span of time, the app has undergone several updates that makes it bit better than the prior version and these updates are made with a view to make twitter even better.
It can be said that there is no better way available than the Twitter to have your own voice heard.


twitter-appLet us discuss about some of the major features of twitter which is as follows-
GIF search feature of Twitter has just rocked it, it makes the sharing GIFs in tweets much more easier.
Periscope broadcasts live enables the users to directly open the periscope app to view a broadcast and do not require to click on the link.
Polls- This features made very easier to collect the opinions of audience.
Users can use third party app such as tweetie, twit terrific and feedalizr to send the tweets.
One can also search for people by name or invite them via email etc.
You can also restrict the delivery to your circle of friends by default.

Twitter APK app download-

If you want to become the part of this awesome app and avail its benefits and wishes to send and read the tweets then you are advised to download the twitter app as soon as possible and then create and register your account. To install this amazing app for free now, you have to only click on the header or footer options of our web site and by doing so, you will be able to get the app downloaded directly into your device through APK.

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