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Threema is a free mobile app used for messaging, users can send and receive text messages,images, documents ,multimedia,location, voice messages etc with the help of this app. This app was developed by a Swiss company Threema GmBH launched by Manuel Kasper and they launched it initially in the year 2012, but at this time its services were restricted to some places only like Switzerland and other German speaking countries. But it was then modified and launched for all the countries in the year 2016, July and could manage to get around 1 million or more active users in a very short span of time. This app supports almost all type of operating systems like IOS,Android, Windows etc. The app is available in many languages like English, Spanish, German, French etc and is a Encrypted messaging service also due to this reason its name is derived from the word EEEMA which means end to end encryption messaging app. This app was als added in the most sold app by Apple company AppStore in many countries. This is a amazing app for users who want to get connected with the near and dear ones all the time.

This app has many other features to offer to its users among which some are being stated as follows-


threema-app-downloadCreate polls- in this feature the users can create polls with other users in individual and also in group chats by sending various things like files up to 20MB at a time which is a very big number as no other app lets the users send such big files, users can also send PDF files to other users, so this app also enables the businessman and working staff to contact with each other and discuss different matters very easily.
SMS gateway- this feature was given by this app to business units that need to send SMS to their users or customers , with the help of this feature they can do so without the standard SMS charge easily.
Synchronised address book- the app syncs the users address book within this app through which users can find other users very easily epithet with the help of their mobile number or with the help of their e-mail address, they can also invite people who don’t use the app with the help of this feature only.
QR code- this is a type of unique code provided to every user through which they can scan with other users when they meet physically that then enables the encryption of the chats where no third party rather then the two users between the chat happened can read or access that .

Threema app APK download link-

This is a very amazing app for the users who want to get connected all the time ,it is easy to use and is hustle free, users of all ages can use this app with a lot of ease. So if you are missing out your loved ones then don’t think much and download this app now from our APK download link now..

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