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State Bank Anywhere is a free mobile app used for mobile banking and getting access to your accounts at the ease of your home. The users can now access and get to know what payments they have made, what amount they have got etc easily sitting at home just at their fingertips I.e. On their smartphones or any other devices like that. The users just need a smartphone and a active internet connection to do all the things they earlier had to do after visiting the bank branch on their phones now. Life made easier and simpler with the help of such apps now. The user just need to enter its username and password and log in to it device and do all the different kind of stuff like transferring money, checking balance, etc.

This app has a lot many features to offer to its users among them some are being stated as follows-


state-bank-of-indiaBuddy wallet- this is a online wallet where people can share money ,add the money to the wallets and can also pay different bills with the help of this wallet, it is basically a mutual wallet for people that could be family members, friends, etc.
4 account variants- there are four different things or variants the users can do with the help of this app that are transactions where you can send and receive money, loan where you can either apply for the loan or could also pay loan EMI, deposits, and also PPF.
n number of accounts- the users can operate different of accounts with the help of this app, so if a user has more than one account and due to that he gets confused within that so that can be managed very easily with the help of this app.
Mini statements- a mini statememets are available for the users to get to know about there last 10 transactions or activities which is a very big number as no other bank offers such a big number of transactions at a time.

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With the help of this app the users are able to solve their many banking problems at the simple click at the comfort of their home so this app is highly recommended to all type of users every time but for that you need to first install this app in your device in your APK download link now..

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