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Shake Lock is a free mobile app used to lock the phone and also the apps and other things in your device just by shaking the phone, the traditional way of pressing the button to lock the phone was been eliminated by this feature. They use detection of sensitivity and use motion sensors for your device to to detect the shaking activities. You can lock files, music, videos ,images etc with the help of this revolutionary app. Many users are already using this app to lock and safe their files etc today. This app can function in almost all the type of operating system like Android,Windows etc

There are a number of features offered by this app to its users among which some are stated as follows-


shake-lockEasy and Effortless- this app is really easy to use as also effort less as you don’t have to do anything just set a passcode, select the apps etc you want to be locked and your done to go.
Advance Protection- this is a advance protection that helps the users to safe files from fake users and also people who try doing things in your device without your permissions.
Hustle free- this is a hustle free and simple experience that users must try.

Shake Lock app APK download link-

This is a amazing app that every person should have in their devices so secure their phones and other things in the device for that you must first download the app from our APK download link now..

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