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Rail Yatra is a free mobile app used to get information about Indian Railway Enquiry and reservations Enquiry at any time of the day from anywhere in the country. Through the help of this app people of our country are able to know anything about the Railways at the ease of there house. This app is Available for almost all type of operating systems like IOS, Windows,Android,Blackberry etc. Many people of the country like around 500 million people are currently using the app to know about different trains they want to travel through. This app provides information about 139+ trains and railway enquiry related to the same. The users can get to know about the route the train ,there time table and also the fares about different coaches of the trains.
This app has a lot of features to offer to its users which are being stated as follows-



PNR status enquiry- the users can Enquiry about the PNR number status also with the help of this app very easily now which is a very amazing thing because such a feature can solve the needs of many.
Spot the train- the users can also get to know where the train has reached at a particular time and how much time it will take to reach the desired station .
Arrival and departure enquiry- users can also check at what time the train will arrive at the station and at what time it will start from the same station, this also lets the users know that whether the train is late or not and even it is then by how much time it is.
Reservation seat availability- the users can get to k le that whether there is a availability of the seats in the specific train or not and if there is then how much can be reserved easily at that time.

Rail Yatra app APK download link-

This app is very useful in providing all the travel solutions through the means of railway at one spot, the users can get all type of information but for that you need to first download the app from our APK download link now ,don’t waste time in thinking it is a one spot solution available at your fingertips download this amazing app now from our APK download link..

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