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Privacy Lock is a free mobile app used as privacy to secure the users photo, video, incoming calls, contacts ,SMS ,emails ,Whatsapp, and other mobile application but putting a passcode of pattern on all the selected functions of the device by the user. It is a kind of AppLock that aims to provide best privacy protection for the things that you don’t want others to view. This app is available on almost all the operating systems like Android,IOS,Windows etc . One can also put their finger prints as the passcode so that the chances of duplicates could be reduced to minimum. This is a ad free and hustle free app which all the users must have in their device to protect their files and other important data to get leaked out. The users can also their games ,apps , and even the installation of any further apps in their device. This app has saved many data from getting accessed by people who could have made a wrong use our of it. Users can also lock their files or photos in Vault that also enables preview of whatever you are saving. You can lock and unlock the things according to your use and wants.

This app offers a lot of features to its users among which some are stated as follows-


privacy-lock-download-appHide apps- users can also hide app icons from the app menu also with the help of this app , it would not be possible for any person to know weather the app exists in your device or no because there would be no clue if the app in the menu until you want it to be shown it in.
Advance Protection- through this feature the users can also protect the uninstall of any app of file from their device, if any other person tries to access the device of the user and tries to uninstall or delete any item from their device then he will not be able to do so if the user has enabled the advance protection feature.

Beautiful Themes- there are also beautiful themes and different colours available in the app that can be used by the users when they unlock any app of photo that theme or colour would be displayed along with the passcode enter space , this becomes more interesting for the users as they can see beautiful things also.

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In today’s time of a lot of spam and hackers it is important for every one of us to have such a app in our device to protect our personal stuff from the wrong people,don’t think much it is a must have app go ahead and download it now from our app download link now..

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