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Photo Funia –

Photo Funia is an amazing free app that helps in adding a spark to your photos. It is one of the most creative online picture editing tool that enables its users to create animated and fun images with great ease. Several text effects are also available that lets you enjoy the fun experience for exciting images. One can create photo poster from photo by just uploading their picture and choosing the poster of their choice. Editing can also be done with wide range of free photo frames.
In brief, it can be said that photo funia is the best way to make the pictures more creative, real and beautiful.

How to use the app-

It is very easy to use the app, you are only required to upload your picture, edit any background or write what you want to and then share the creative picture with your friends. There are so many preset images that makes things a bit easier with a photo uploader and text fields. One can even change the font and background of the scene if you like so. There is no cutting or pasting required, with the effects or filter the selected image gets processed and transformed into a new photo with in few seconds.

Features –

photo-funia-appPhoto Funia has several exciting features that makes the app so straight forward to use, just have a look-
Frame your picture any where you like such as on the cover of a megazine or any advertising billboard, make your portrait on the walls or Hermitage museums and many more exciting places.
It is supportive of JPG, PNG and GIF image formats.
Maximum allowed size of an image is 500 kb.
Select from over seventy funny photo templetes. You can browse the photos created by other users of photo funia.
Hundreds of photo effects available that makes your photo more stunning and that is too in just few steps.

Photo Funia app APK download-

It allows the users to create and showcase the photographic masterpieces with the wide variety of templates and filters with out making any effort. Photo Funia is a simple, user friendly and funny app and every one who tried the app are happy with its exciting features.
If you haven’t tried the app yet then download it now through APK of our site and create stunning and fabulous images on your device with this great mobile app by clicking on the header or footer option of our website. All the editing or any other sort of manipulation is performed in the cloud and all this consumed internet or data for the application of this work. So get it installed now and enjoy the experience of superb photos with number of photo effects and frames.

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