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Photo Editor is a free mobile app used to edit the photos and enhance the beauty of the photos . It is a powerful and easy image enhancer and editor app which is done by airbrush or many other ways . Users can also make collages of their photos in this amazing app , users can also make Photo-In-Photo frames with different shapes and sizes where you get a number of photos in one frame in different props like glass, window,newspapers, camera, phone etc. This is a really cool app to try because it also enhances the Beauty of the images and does beautify them so amazingly that it looks magical. Users can also change the background of the images and can also change the colours of the background also according to there wish , there is also a option of writting short text on the images with the help of this app. Users can make a number of collage with this app and can also change different backgrounds and colours of the collages. The tools used in this are perspective tool, rgb adjustment tool, pics mirror affect, pics background changer etc. This app enables you to save the images edited in your device or also upload them directly on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook etc.

This app has a lot of features to offer to its users among them some are being stated as follows-


free-download-photo-editor-app-apkCool Drawing feature- many stickers etc are also available in the app that can be used while editing the images , and if anything goes wrong by mistake an eraser is also given to correct it.
Pictures Effect- many features like blur image, frames, splash, scenes, focus, warmth ,brightness, sharpness etc are also available in this app from the time it gets downloaded in your app through which you can make your pictures more beautiful.
Portrait processing- with the help of this feature many visible spots that are visible in the images can be removed like acne, yellow teeth, stains, red-eye effect etc that can be totally removed as if they never existed.

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For all the camera and photo lovers out there (which are among 99% of our population) must have this app in their devices to improve the quality of their images before the finally plead them to any social networking sites, don’t waste time download it now from our APK download link..

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