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Pay U Money is a free mobile app used for recharge different things at the comfort of your home through your own hand and transaction from your own account. This is a revolutionary app that brought online payments to a next level where people use to run to the recharge outlets when they got out of balance in their mobile of all operators like Airtel , Vodafone Aircel etc, DTH etc now they can do it themselves that too just sitting in their comfortable couch or at their office basically from any place they want at any time they want. With the help of this app the dependency upon the other people reduces a lot. Not just recharge but with the help of this app users can also pay bills easily, now they don’t have to stand in the big queues and wait for their chance to pay out the bill otherwise fear of loosing that facility.

Users can keep a track on all their expenses upon bills and recharges with the help of this app also as all is being done at one place now. Not just their own but they can also do it for their friends, family and relatives and the best part is they also get a chance to get cash back benefits also sometime which is surely the cherry on the cake.
This app has a lot features to offer to its users among which some are being stated as follows-


payumoneyWallet generation- the users can generate a e-wallet through which they can add whatever amount of money they like to and then transfer payments through this wallet as well, it is like a electronic money.
Bill reminders- this app also helps the users by reminding them the regular bills they pay every month on the due date so that in case they forgot to submit the same they will face problems and this app also helps them with a ease of this reminders set automatically.
Data Card recharges- not only regular recharges the users can also recharge their data cards very easily with the help of this app at just a click.
Latest offers- the users can get to know about all the offers the company is giving them at the ease of their home with the help of this amazing app and get them do recharges accordingly to the best fit offer for them.

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This is a amazing app to try and gives its users a lot of comfort and accessibility of many things, you are missing out a lot if you don’t have this app yet so don’t waste your precious time in thinking so much and download this app now from our APK download link now..

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