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Nimbuzz is a free mobile app used for instant messaging. This app is available in a lot of languages like English ,Spanish,French ,German etc . This app was launched on 13 May 2008 by Evert Jaap Lugt. This app is used for instant messaging, free voice calls, free games , file sharing and social networking etc . It has almost 2,10,000 downloads every day and around 90,000 active users every day . It also offers discounted voice calls to other countries in the world ,through which you can connect with your loved ones around the globe without big carrier charges. It has its headquarters in New Delhi and can be operated on almost all type of operating software like IOS, Windows,Android etc , and also functions on JAVA based phones . It is available in languages like Spanish,French, Dutch, Italian,Hindi, Russian and many more also.

There are a lot of features that are offered by this app to its users among them some are being stated as follows-


nimbuzzN-World – it is a in app portal that lets its users from application,games , gifts,avatars, and other virtual goods for sale , it has its own currency also called as Nimbucks.
Group Chats- this app also enable its users to do group chats with their contacts , they can add 50 people in a group chat which is a very big number . This feature saves a lot of time of its users as through this they can send a text to many at one time rather than sending each at a time.
Interactions between popular messaging services- users can also interact through popular messaging services like Twitter,Facebook, Google talk with the help of this amazing app.
Users can send images and locations also- users can also send photos and their location to other users of this app very easily , this build a link between users .

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