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NDTV is a free mobile app used for broadcasting daily news and updates . It is a Indian commercial broadcaster that also broadcast latest news and updates also on TV, firstly a channel only came into existence in the year 1988 and was founded by Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy , and set up offices all around the world and has its headquarters in New Delhi . There are many channels of this group today which includes NDTV 24*7 ,NDTV India , NDTV profit and NDTV Good times etc , all these channels are widely available on their app that gives the users access to all the information related to all these channels in just one app. The apps name that manages all the websites and is a app itself about which we are talking about is named as NDTV Convergence.

This app has a lot of features to offer to its users among them some are stated as follows-


ndtv-appComprehensive news- a detailed new is being published in the app all the time, users can also have access to the old news by just changing the date of the news that they want .There is a detailed report which enables the users to know about the happenings of the world just so easily.
Business news- this app also helps its users to get access to the business news just through this simple app, stock market can also be checked time to time with the help of this simple app .
Lifestyle news- news related to lifestyle,horoscopes, religions,myths are also being displayed by this app under the specific columns, users can also read their daily horoscope given by famous people with the help of this app.
Indian Ethnic E-commerce venture- today E-Commerce is a growing venture and a concern of all , this app also helps in knowing the Indian ethnic commerce that growing rapidly in our country, we can get to know about the on going sales, different styles etc with the help of this app only .
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This is a amazing app to know all the goings of our country and the world under one roof, everyone should know what’s going around them whether it be related to there country or related to other countries, to get access to all such information you need to first install this app in your device from our APK download link now..

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