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NBT is a free mobile app used as a Hindi news displaying app ,the full form is Navbharat news app. In a world where English is given more preference this app is a revolution and a safer for all the Hindi readers ,now they can read news from in and around the world in the amazing app, now only news they can also have access to images, videos , trending stories related to Business, sports , Politics, Bollywood,Food etc can be read in our mother tongue’s language on your devices. In offers news from 42 cities of the country on the go . Users can also have access to Stock Market in Hindi language which is a really amazing thing because not all the citizens of our country can read and write in English. This app can also function on 2G Internet speed that gives access to masses .

This app has a lot of features to offer to its users among which some are as follows-


nbt-appLive Cricket Scores- users can see latest and live scores of different games on this app specially of cricket as this is a game that is being loved by masses in our country, so to all the cricket lovers who ought to miss the match due to office hours or any other reason it may be have got an alternative to get the live scores of there favourite matches.
Live Times now videos and audio- times now is a very big site which displays latest videos and audits ,users of this app can also have easy access to those things also that to live.
Sharing the news on social networking sites- users also have a option of sharing the news on social networking sites like Twitter,Facebook, Whatsapp and others very easily.
Availability of Horoscopes- astrology,numerology, Astro-shopping these all are available on a daily, weekly and monthly etc basis also to the users .

NBT App APK download link-

This is a amazing app for all citizens of our country who are more keen to read the news in Hindi,and also should be as this language is our mother tongue and we should respect this language, download this app now from own APK download link now..

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