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LinkedIn is a free mobile app used as business oriented social networking service,it is mainly used by professional networking.The founders of this app are Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly, Jean Luc Vailliant in December,2002 . It is available for almost all type of operating system like IOS,Android, Windows,Blackberry etc and is available in 24 languages including Chinese ,French ,English etc. According to a report it had around 433 million accounts in March ,2016 and almost more than 106 million active users . It has its headquarters in Mountain Heads, California but provides services all over the globe.

This app has a lot of features to offer to its users among which some are as follows-


linkdin-download-appGalene- it is a feature that enables the users to search architecture and give access to the economic graph’s data with filtering of data via user searches.

Economic Graph Data- this helps users to search different topics on the job market, including destination cities where students would like to go for their future jobs and also the technological skills required for attaining their request jobs.
Fortering Business Relations – this app helps in improving the business relations of the company etc by giving them a chance to interact under one roof and also faltering there communications.

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This is a very amazing also creates a lot of employment,so if you have a business or are searching for a job so this is a app for you don’t waste time and download it from our APK app download link and log in to get your solutions easy and faster now..

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