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Jeevansathi app – is a free mobile app used as a online matrimony site through which various people come share their data search for their perfect match and finally become a couple. This app is very popular these days to find a suitable match for urself, many parents today are also trying this app for their children. This app was launched in the year 2004 by Sanjeev Bikhchandani. The people from worldwide can make their profile and upload their information on this app. This app also helps people to find matches according to their religions because in a country like India people are very much into the fact that they don’t want to marry in inter-caste elsewise jist want to stick to their own religion and culture so this app also enables them to do so. This app is owned by Info Edge as the name suggests the main core purpose of this app is the provide the required information about the people here. Marriage is a big and a life changing decision in anyone’s life so this app also makes sure that the people don’t provide wrong information about themselves here by verification of their given documents. The main meaning of this app suggests as Jeevan means life and sath I means partner so this adds up to life partner and this app helps people to find that only. In the year 2014, March this app had around 6.1 million member registrations .

This app provides many other features that help people to make the right decisions among them some are being stated as follows-


download-jeevansathiOffline match points- this app also provide the users to make offline matches by the centres across India and the first one was opened in Mumbai in 2008, these centre acts as a match maker which lets two parties meet each other on mutual consents, if the two people are quite interested in each other than they help them get to know each other more and also fix a one on one meeting for both of them and if they like each other than the match is surely being made.
Chat on google talk- the users can also talk to each other with the platform of Google talk with the help of this app and the chat between two people would be kelp highly confidential. This helps build up in knowing what is the nature of the other people and what kind of a personality they are which also finally helps them make better decisions.

Daily match alerts- the users receive daily match alerts of the people they might be interested in. These daily matches are being send as notifications and if a person is keen to know about the match provided than they can just peep into their profile and get to know about them more like their education qualifications etc.

Detailed view of others profile- they users can get a detailed view of other people’s profile in which they are interested like they can view their salary, educational qualifications, company they are related to, place they stay, and also they can have a look at their photos which ultimately helps them to filter between whether or not they are interested in a particular profile or person.

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