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Google’s another amazing service especially for music lovers introduced in Nov ,2011 named ‘Google Play Music’. Google play music offers music streaming service through its online music store application . With Google play music you can easily play ,store and share your kind of music to anyother music lover .

Features of Google play music –


Unlimited streaming – Google play music gives you access to unlimted on demand streaming from its music store to any device .You also get a chance to test the app according to your choice as it offers first month free streaming on clicking ‘Try all access for free ‘ . After which you can choose to continue with the service or not .Streaming is available with and without subscription too.
Listen now – The listen now feature of this app within the main menu gives you suggestions based on what type of songs you have listened or liked recently . This feature is adapted from ‘Songza’ which google acquired in 2014 .

User interface – A UI gives you modern design for android which makes it easier to use . Some of the good functional touches are included such as top left android navigation drawer style ,playlist view , current playing track bar ,swipe gestures to move right -left or jump to the song .

Built in equalizer –The main menu key of the app gives you to toggle the equalizer on-off switch appropriately .Here you find a number of settings such as Normal,Classic ,Dance ,Jazz ,Rock and so on to choose and set according to your ears .

Custom radio stations and playlists–Allows you to create a station based on artist ,album or song you are streaming .Tap the menu icon and click on ‘Start radio ‘ and ‘Create new station ‘.On creating a station you can look ahead at upcoming tracks.

Personal collection –You can store upto 50,000 songs for free . You can also transfer files to specific device. You can view your downloaded queue and also remove downloads from your device and manage your playlists effectively .

Upload – You can also upload your music collection using music manager or chrome google play music .

Listen on any device – If your are signed in your Google play music account ,you can listen music on any device –PC’s ,android TV ,Android wear ,Chromecastetc .
Google play music is available on Android , iOS and web browser in multiple formats such as MP3 ,MPEG-4 , FLAC ,Ogg ,Window media audio etc..It is available in 58 countries on website
You can download music from the app to listen ofline. But signing out of your account can remove downloaded music from your device .

To download music of your choice –

Open the google play music app >touch an album or playlist> download .
If you have subscribed the music and as long as your subscription is active touch an album , playlist >touch menu >download .
So download the app and enjoy streaming your music .

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