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Funny jokes is a free mobile app used for killing the boredom time by getting entertainment by some cupid jokes and shayaris. This app is used by around 200 million people on a daily basis and still the number is increasing on a daily basis because everyone needs some type of entertainment in their life’s and if one gets it on the fingertips at any time of the day ,during whatever they are doing that can be much for people to download and enjoy this app. The best way to make people happy and jolly is by making them laugh by describing stupid and funny incidents to them. This app is a saviour when a person is sad. This app is available is Both English and Hindi languages and is available on almost all type of operating system like Android, IOS,Windows etc . Users are very much satisfied and happy with the content of this app, as there is no vulgarity or any other content that is not suited for users of any age.
This app has a lot of feature to offer to its users among them some are being stated as follows-



Jokes Category’s- there is a wide variety from which the users can choose about which type of jokes the want to read some of the categories are as follows- Santa Banta, student teacher, doctor patient, marriages joke, wife husband, kids, politics ,pranks etc.
Jokes pictures- pictures and videos are also Available in this app that are very also very funny to watch and see , users who have this app can also have access to that type of stuff also very easily.
Jokes update everyday- new new jokes are being updated on this app on a daily basis that lets the users to enjoy new stuff daily, even the users who access this app daily will never get bored of this app due to its daily updates of jokes in all the categories.
Navigating easy- users can also navigate through different categories of jokes very easily jumping from one category to another just by some scrolling.

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This is a very amazing app that fulfill the need of many users who may else wise get bored and sad if this type of app did not exist . Don’t think too much and download this app from our APK download link to enjoy your life’s and add a lot of spark to your life as it is a old saying that laughter is the best medicine that can cure any disease ..

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