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Fruit Ninja –

Fruit Ninja is a popular and one of the very addicted and fun game. This game app is currently used by millions of people and that too for free. It is developed by Halfbrick in Brisbane, Australia and is compatible with many major operating platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, Bada, Symbian and many more.
In order to play the game, player is required to slice the fruit that is thrown into the air. To slice up or cut the fruit, swipe the touch screen of the device with finger. If player missed to cut any fruit then the game comes to an end and even if instead of slicing the fruit, player swipe on the bomb that is occasionally thrown onto the screen then also the game ends. If you like the game play and its pattern then you can become the ultimate bringer of sweet and tasty fruit with every slash. In the game, there’s bright juicy graphics and some of modes to play the game as per your choice.
For the beginners of the game, there are two characters namely Katsuro and Mari who are there to guide during the game as the player reaches to the next level from a novice fruit bruiser to all- out slicing machine.


fruitninja_logoAs the app is always updated with new and unique features and let you enjoy the amazing experience of the funny game. Just take a look on the updates of the app-
Classic mode enables the user to slice the fruit and avoid the bombs that are thrown any time in the air.
Arcade mode allows you to slice as much fruits as you can in sixty seconds. In this mode, one can rack up huge combos and use the bananas to score big.
Zen is another mode that lets you play and slice all the fruits in a total time of ninety seconds, the only relaxation offered in this mode is there is no bombs in the round.

Fruit Ninja game app APK download –

If you haven’t tried the awesome and free game yet and want to install it now, then you are just a single step away from downloading. Just click on the header or footer options of our web site and get the fruit ninja app directly into your device through APK.
It is a fascinating game and very simple to play and due to this reason people love to play it again and again as it gives a feel like a real ninja while playing the game and slicing the fruit.. So, hurry up download it now!

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