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In today’s world of data and technology,we need to store a lot of data including files, documents, pictures, videos etc. A file manager is a software program which serves the purpose of storing your important data managing files in your tech. devices such as Android and PC’s .Although a file manager helps you view and manage your files, the OS is responsible for accessing and storing files on a storage device . Few of the File managers are – Altap Salamander, FTP, Midnight commander, File commander , Krusader, Far manager , WinSCP etc.
Android users visible file system gives it a lot of advantage over iOS.Managing files on android is thus easy for the user .Some manufacturers provide preinstalled file manager in the device whereas some needs to download and install on their own .. A few folders are already present in most of the file managers such as DCIM for storing photos of gallery, Downloads -for the files you download on your android, Movies, music, pictures, videos for storing appropriate files accordingly .

Operations which can be done on file manager are –


• Select and manage files .
• You can Cut, copy, paste, delete and move your files .
• You can rename your files and folders .
• You can create new folders for your important files which you want to keep them separately and find it easily .
• Copy your files to and from PC’s via USB connections.
• Allows wireless transfers .
• Move items in particular folders .
• Upload, extract, compress files in .zip, .Gz, .Bz2 formats
• Search for a file or folder .
• Modifying file attributes and properties
• Some provides network connectivity via protocols
• Password protection in provided to restrict access to particular folders
• Manage indices and customizes the way a directory in the web is viewed
• Serves as directory editors
• Keyboard shortcuts are provided by few file managers
• Built in editor functions
• Sows the exact destination or location of any file or directory in use

Download app APK File Manager –

So if your device does not have any file manager by default, then download a file manager to manage your files and data on your device and edit and rename whenever you want as file shows you the exact location of your files, searching any one file out of many would not be a tough task anymore .

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