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Face Mania –

Face mania is a free mobile app used to edit and change the pictures . Users can edit their pictures using different type of tools with the help of this amazing app in just few seconds. They can create stupid ,crazy photos by adding stickers to the photos or create funny faces also. It very easy as to just choose a photo, select what they want to edit like adding a sticker, adding text or even changing the face with the face of any celebrity or any other person , users can also resize the pictures with the help of this app and they are ready to see the amazing results of what they have done to the picture. Users can also edit pictures of their friends and relatives and then tease them by sending them those edited pictures.
This app has a lot of features to offer to its users among which some are being stated as follows-


face-mania-app-downloadFace changer- the users can change the face of the pictures of people present in that image, they can also crop people they don’t want in that image also.
Personal Touch- users can change the color of the background and also the whole background very easily with the help of this app.
Free stickers- there are a number of free stickers available in this app like eyes, mouth,hats , etc that the users can add to the pictures very easily.
Easy sharing- the users can also share the pictures that they have edited with the help of this app through different various app like Whatsapp, Facebook etc very easily.

Face Mania app APK download link-

This is a very fun app to play and enjoy with through which users can change different type of things as stated above in their pictures very easily, so if you are a photo lover and love to click and post pictures then download this app from our APK download link now without easting your precious time it will only take a few minutes as a few mega bytes to get installed in your device now..

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