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Dolphin –

Dolphin in a free mobile app used for browsing the different websites of present on the World Wide Web, it is a kind of alternative mobile browser .This app was being launched by MoboTap which is set up in United States. This app was the first alternative browser rather than google and could support both major operating systems like IOS and Android. This app was available in many languages like Dutch, Portugese,French, English, Italian etc. This app also supported a very major feature that is multi gesture that enabled the users to perform many tasks at a time which was very good for people who had to accomplish many tasks at a time and this could also save a lot of time of the users. Users were very happy with its awesome speed, easy to use functions. Due to its amazing usage it also managed to get around 6,00,000 5star reviews on PlayStore and AppStore.
This app has a lot of features to offer to its users among which some are being stated as follows-


dolphin-downloadSync- it app also enabled the users to sync or in other words connect the same with their other devices like computer, tablets etc also through various links that was very useful as the users hadn’t open the pages again on different devices if they need to switch the device.
Sonar- the users can search for products and different things by just giving voice commands,one can just give command to this app through speaking on the microphone and the app will take them there.
Tabbled- users can open a lot of webpages or websites simultaneously at this app like either at thumbnail or tabs present on the top of the screen very easily.
Webzine- this is a type of magazine of this app, which displays things on the app in the format pages and pins ,this is a magazine-style presentation of things or products available at the app.

Dolphin app APK download link-

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