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DD news app is a free mobile app used for Indian commercial broadcasting television network. The full form of this app is Doordarshan news app. This app was launched on 7 May 2015 by the I & B minister Arun Jaitley. This app was launched because the audience was very keen to have a comprehensive view of issues and events apart from there regular TV sets any time they wanted without any time bound. It was a platform to instantly communicate news on a 24*7 basis and to address the need of viewers who wanted to sought the information through the mobile phone.This app is available for almost all type of operating software like Android,IOS,Blackberry, and Windows etc , it is also available on IPad, Apple Watch ,Apple TV etc. This app serves only one country that is India.

This app has a lot of features amongst them some are being stated as follows-


dd-news-app-downloadAll India Radio- this is a unique feature launched by this app which lets its users to get to listen to their favourite songs also while reading the latest updates or news of the country.
24*7 Service- this app functions all the time regardless of any holiday or any other thing going on in the coin it serves the users every time whether it be day or night at all the days of the year.
No time Boundaries- there are no time boundaries of the app to function, due to this fact the users can get the news update while doing anything they don’t need to depend on the TV broadcasting so that they can get to know the news.

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This is a very amazing app to get to know about all the news and updates of the country because in today’s world it is imports for everyone to know what’s going on around them so you should not be lacking behind this fact so download this app now from our APK download link now..

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