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Cut Paste is a free mobile app used editing photos like cutting the photos and pasting the content like people, animals and other content them on another photos, and create a all new photos with the help of this cutting and pasting. It is a advanced photo editor and it is ideal for removing things like people or animals from the photos, it also helps to make the pictures better in every sense. Users can also change faces or images present already in the pictures with another persons face or objects also. This is really a cool app to try changing the background or even colours, with the help of this app one can also cut or add anyone person in the photos without any professional help.

This app has a lot of features to offer to its users and some of them are stated as follows-


cut-paste-app-downloadcut-paste-app-downloadPhoto Filters- there are many photo filters added to this app like sepia, black and white photos, artistic effect, old photo effect, airbrush photos etc that helps the users to make their photos more beautified.
Photo effects- like flipping photos horizontal or vertical , this app also includes features like photo mirrors where a lot of images can be visible of the same image chosen as a mirror room gives effect.
Photo Stickers- many stickers are now available in this app which the users can put on their photos like emojis, animals, face masks, baby stickers, doodles and even event stickers like diwali,Holi, christmas, etc there are more than 400+ type of stickers available in this app.
Photo Collages- users can make photo collages by adding a lot of photos into one frame .This is a really cool feature to try which also gives a very good format and look.

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