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Cortana is a free mobile app used for as a personal assistant of the device which can answer to the question of the user. This app is developed by Microsoft in the year 2009. This app is available in almost all type of operating systems like iOS, Windows, Android, Xbox etc and is available in many languages like English, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese etc. This app was launched by Microsoft in the competition of the other brands intelligent personal assistant like Apples Siri and Googles Google Now which are currently leading the market with a big hike. This app was firstly launched in only Window enabled devices like Windows 10, windows 10 mobile, windows phone 8.1 etc. This app brought a makeover to the Windows enabled devices as they also could now interact and solve their problems related to the device with this app now which was a revolutionary thing in this context. This app functions very easily and can also set reminders for the user in accordance of the commands given, the users can search anything with the help of this app without the need of typing just by giving voice commands and the app will itself search that thing either from bing ir from Firefox whichever set as default and will answer the user just in a matter of seconds.

This app has many other features to offer to its users among which some are being stated as follows-


cortanaMusic recognition- this app helps the users to search their favourite music and play that even with the connection of Bluetooth or Aux ,so all those travellers out thy who are always on the go and always want their favourite music of bands to be played with them are being sorted with the help of this app easily now. This app searches and keeps your favourite music handy and ready with itself stored through which you are ready to play and enjoy with.

Do not disturb- this feature enables the users to set a silent mode on your device through which no msg or call can be reached to you for some amount of time as specified by the user. Once the user enables this feature they also specify for how much time they want it to happen al the calls will be automatically rejected by this app and the msgs will not be delivered till the specified time get over. So next time need some alone time this app has got that for you too.

Notebook- it is a type of place where anything and everything can be stored that you want to like your reminder, contacts , locations, chats etc very easily , the users can also delete the hints they want when they think that those things are of no use to them now. It also gives a specific pattern to the users to their device and how to manage all the things in their device too.
Four square- this feature the users to find the restaurants, famous location, temples etc easily with this. This app helps them to easily get to that places so easily within few clicks.

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This is a very amazing app for all those who want a personal assistant and do not want to invest in that, it is a app that is much needed by all in this fast moving life , but to get all these benefits you need to first install this app in your device from our APK download link, it will take a few of your mega bytes and a few minutes to simplify your life just by your voice commands, download it now without wasting time from our app download link now..

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