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If you are a chess lover, want to play the game but you don’t know how to play it then you don’t need a chess master to learn the game but just a chess for free game can do this for you .There are colossal number of free chess games available to download for android’s, pc’s ,iOS and other devices .These games are a must to download for beginners .The games are available for both online and offline to play .But to play it online you need to have a modern browser such as IE10+ ,IEMobile10+, Edge etc .Some of the free offline chess games are Arena, Lucas chess, Scid ,Knights gambit , Tarrasch etc. Chess is a comfortable game for all ages, from children to old and thus this fact enhances the need and benefits of free chess available on devices .Chess is being played by us since ancient times and it also halps in exercising our brain .Playing chess is itself a good exercise with comes along with fun and enjoyment while playing .Free chess in an excellent game of tactics and strategy to play more often .



• Available for phones so you need not to carry you chessboard anymore
• Free tutorial for beginners which teaches you how to play , rules of chess and everything you should know about the game .
• Allows you to set timer while playing so as to play like a match of professional chess players.
• You can play the game either with the device or with a human to compete further .
• Choose colour and set the colour of pieces and chess board as per your likeliness .
• Set background and themes of the screen .
• Practice openings and test strategies
• Arrange board styles as 2D or 3D diagram .
• Multiple player feature available .
• Increase or decrease the level of difficulty of the game according to your level .Around seven difficulty levels is given as options .
• Analyse game with engine and give ratings .
• Restart or end the game at any time .
• Allows to play solo also
• Different chess board styles and rotation at various angles to view as per your requirement and positions.
• Many good and high quality graphics ,options and perfect layout .
• Background Music and sound effects of game with moves are provided .
• Several hint system to show you possible moves of any piece at any given time .

Download free Chess APK

To download free chess on your android device, go to apps download, google play store and search for Free chess and click install in your and after installing, open the game and enjoy playing anytime and anywhere you want .

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