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Candy Mania –

Candy Mania is a free mobile app that is a game or match that has 3-D effects , it is a amazing and soothing app as it contains a lot of candies also known as toffees. This is a puzzle game in which the users need to match the candies to gain points . This game was developed by TeamLava and has a lot of users which are increasing day by day, this app has a number of more than 600 million downloads and among 200million active users everyday. This app is available on almost all type of operating system like IOS,Android etc. There are many levels in this app and the user needs to cross each existing level to jump to the other one although he can come back to the previous ones to increase there scores also , the users need to match the candies in a similar sequence to gain points and a character interrupts them to cross the existing level.
This app has a lot of features to offer to its users among which some are being stated as follows-


candy-mania-downloadBoosts- this feature helps in clearing obstacles and jumping to the next level very easily but are available very less only when the user solves a big puzzle in the game then it is available to recharge the candies or even clear out some obstacles so that the user can reach to another level.
Sweet spots- there are also some sweet spots through which users can collect bonuses to create big matches through which they can also the puzzle of the app very easily and quickly.
Social networks link- users can also link their social networking sites with this gaming app and can also invite other users on apps like Twitter, Facebook etc and gain some points by doing so also.

Candy mania app APK download link-

This is a very amazing app to try and play when you are bored of your work or sitting ideal at home doing nothing, this app boosts your confidence also as the layout of the app is also very beautiful,don’t think much and download this app right away from our APK download link now..

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