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Candy Crush Saga –

Candy Crush Saga is popular free game app developed by King. Travel through magical lands and visiting wonderful places with these superb characters. The game is compatible with several platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Microsoft windows. It is a candy puzzle game which is played by matching three or more colours at a time and to fulfill the concerned level by collecting the required objects. Initially when the game get started, the player is provided with five lives, which when lost then the level is failed. However, users can send the requests to the friends on facebook for more lives or can purchase them. Thousands of exciting and fun giving levels offered by the developer in order to make the game filled with loads of fun. This sweetest game is getting sweeter and sweeter with every update.

How to play- ‎To play the game is very simple as it does not include any sort of hard and fast rules. Users of this one of the most popular and addicted game play it by switching the adjacent candies of same colour.
One can also match five candies in a T or L shape that creates a wrapped candy. Colour bomb is created by matching in a single row. Another sort of candy which is known as striped candy, it is created by matching the four candies in a row and is used to clear the entire row or column.


The sweet candy game has many amazing features due to which millions of people are so addicted to it. Here are some of the most important features-
There are several unique ways to play with Target score, levels having time restriction, drop down or order mode.
In order to get the super sweet candy surprises in the game, you can collect the sugar drops.
Many delicious prizes are offered when you spin the daily booster wheel and get the sweet and tasty prizes.
To unlock the dreamworld, you have to cross the level upto 50 and then you can escape the reality with Odus the Owl.
Users of the game easily sync the game between their devices and can also unlock the game features when they connect it to the internet.
To know where you stand, there are leaderboards where can watch the rank or position of your friends and competitors.
Many delicious items like tasty candies, wrapped candies, striped candies, color bombs and many other magical boosters are offered by the developers of the game that helps a lot in crossing the challenging levels.

Candy Crush Saga APK download –

If you want to download this exciting and superb game of candies now, then you are only required to have the internet connection in your device. With only few of the mega bytes you can get the game into your concerned mobile or PC. If you want to install it now, just click on the available header or footer options of our web site and download the awesome game app through APK by our site to avail the long lasting fun experience of the game..

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