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Call Recorder –

Call recorder is a type of application tool which provide facility to record any incoming or outgoing call of your smart phones. All recorders give a smooth way to save you recording according to your mobile storage but some are restricted with phone storages only. You can record your call according to your choice from different file formats or different audio sources. Call recording and call logging is the two different thing. In call recording, here it records conversation not details about the calls. Now call recording is going to be increasing its importance with the changing or increasing technology and habits of doing work on smart phones. As seeing the working habits of people and on heavy demands. Designer created call recording tool app for androids, window phones as well as – phones. Some phones have in-built recording software .Other can install from their play store of the phone.
voice-call-recorder-appsThere are numbers of call recorder apps are available on stores.List of those are as follows
Free call recorder apps are:–
RMC; Android Call Recorder App
Call Recorder App
Galaxy Call Recorder App
Easy Call Recorder App
Call Recorder –ACR app
MP3 In Call Recorder Android App
Smart Voice Recorder App
Automatic Call Recorder App
Record Calls App
Call Recording App
Automatic Call Recording App
Audio Recorder App
Phone Recorder App
Voice Recorder App
Smart Auto Call Recorder App
Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder App
Best Call Recorder App
Secret Recorder App
Call Record Free App
Paid call recorder apps are:–
All call recorder deluxe App
Call recorder pro App
Automatic call recorder pro App
Easy voice recorder pro App
Voice PRO-HQ Audio App
Field Recorder App

1-RMC; Android call recorder app:

This app has been developed by Nathaniel Kh. The full form of RMC is Record My Call, which is very easy and free version of call recorder without having many features and not automatic call recording. This RMC work with all models of HTC smart phones, Samsung smart phones etc, and the new interface will also be available soon.

2-Call recorder:

This has been developed by lovekara .It facilities very easy way to record and manage your conversation during call. Once installation, it starts recording automatically during call, and the best is-it can organize your recording.

3-Galaxy call recorder app:

It is developed by Indie developer. It is restricted for Samsung user only, other smart phone user can not use. It is very handy for Samsung users. This provides to store 2 way conversation. This 2 way recording work only on android standard API smart phones like Samsung NOT 3&2,Galaxy s5&4&3&2 and in other devices you have to use microphone to record audio means you will have to turn on loudspeaker of both side while conversation.

4-Easy Voice Recorder:

This app is amazing, developed by Digipom. Next time you want to record any of your conversion, just try this app. As name clears that it allows you to record or share and manage your recording in very easy way. Also you can take back them up of your recording on laptop or desktop and on cloud storage too. It also allow to record in the background. Your recording of very high quality like AAC and PMC formats.

5-Call recorder –ACR app:

This call recording app is developed by NLL. It is the most popular call recording app which is compatible with all android versions devices. This works on 3gp, WAV, MP3, AAC, etc formats. It has been millions of download .It has come with lot many features like- working on manual call recording means it works on your demand, deleting old recording automatically, password protected, etc.

6- MP3 in Call Recorder app:

This is one of the best apps ever. It has been designed by Park Ave. It is target to meet all users’ requirements and provide controlling of call recording manually as well as automatically .Its recording in high quality and take minimum size to store .like if you record for an hour then it acquire only 7mb size. It has also many features but all are unique from others such movable quick start button which can be placed anywhere on smart devices screen, provide editing and cutting part of conversation, continue to record while in user is in waiting and receiving new call
Except these above free apps lot many apps which are paid if you want full version of your recording app then go for paid otherwise free apps are very good and they provide all similar facilities like paid app so what is the need to go for paid. I suggest you to try free version. If you will not be satisfied by it then try paid.

How to install call recorder apps –

Before installing any of call recorder app, you should know the model of your smart phone, go our website header or footer and type the name in the search box and enter, you will see the list of all call recorder apps ,choose any one which you like, before clicking on install option. Just read about that app and its terms and conditions, then install on your phone. After some time installation will be completed now you can enjoy the call recording. Our site is trusted and provides direct downloading in easy manner.

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