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Battery doctor is of the popular and widely used battery saver which is today used by over hundred million of people worldwide. It is considered as number one power saver app of the year that help in extending the life of your device battery that is available for free of cost. This is the reason why people prefer it more than other battery savers that are available in the market.
The app enables its users to extend the life of battery up to 50 percent by finding the apps and settings that drain the power and lowers down the battery of your device. It is very easy to operate and supports a total of twenty eight languages.


battery-doctorFollowing are the features and benefits of Battery doctor that lets the user enjoy the long and extended life of its battery. Just take a look-
Simple, Clean and easy-to-use interface.
Supports twenty eight languages to reach to the maximum possible people.
Disable those irrelevant apps that drain the battery.
Control the brightness of the screen to save the battery life so that it can be used for longer period of time.
CPU management feature is available for the rooted phones.
Unique charging system at 3 stage.
Schedule power saving modes for every time i.e.. Work, class, sleep, outdoor or more.
It smartly find out what’s draining out the power of your device and adjust your power consumption settings by disabling them.
It helps in estimating the remaining time of battery with full accuracy by discovering how long the battery will last under different situations.
Handy and convenient widgets works to optimize the consumption of power and make it easier to manage the settings as well as set the power saving mode.
Regulate the way in which your device is charged with a unique three stage charging system to ensure the most out of battery and ensure the prevention of overcharging.

Battery doctor app APK download –

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