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Mobile security and antivirus in our android phones is a basic need in todays world of cyber crimes to ensure security of our mobile phones which contains lot of personal information and important data.Without any such security ,our phone would be a sensitive device for inviting threats . Smart Phones which are used by common masses of population ,thus can be a very devastating ,if you allow it to be victim of any foreign infiltration .It can be vary harmful for data , identity and availability of user .
Not only smart phones but desktops are also target of attacks which in some or the other manner affects the working of your device .They mostly exploit the software of your system .Such threats are growing day by day .Even installation of some applications brings malware and viruses along with them .
A mobile security app and antivirus can help you save from such threats of hacking and cyber attack .The working of these apps and softwares vary from one to another . An antivirus works using signature detection software that can detect malicious files .After detecting any malware ,a proper signature of file is extracted and added to signatures database of antivirus software .Though other techniques such as sandbox detection ,data mining ,heuristics ,rootkit ,real time protection etc can also be helpful in detecting malware .

Some antivirus apps has following features –

antivirus• KASPERSKY- One of the widely used security provider for personal computers and desktops .It allows you to scan malware and viruses at anytime .It gives your device protection against viruses ,Trojans .spyware ,phishing links and malicious sites .It warns you about intrusion of any malware .It also gives other interesting features such as locating your phone on silent mode ,call and text filter ,lock and locate and anti theft protection .
• AVAST – Its features includes anti theft –GPS tracker , protection from vulnerabilities ,lock applications of your device to prohibit unauthorized access ,provides firewall which means you can keep a watch on existing traffic on the network and ensure if any malware infects ,Geo fencing ,alarm sounding etc .It has a Web shield which scans URLs for malware .It maintains battery life and offers protection for rooted devices .
• CLEAN MASTER –This application helps you speeding up the operations of your device especially when it has been attacked by some malware or when your device has insufficient space and hangs very often .It clears junk ,cools your phone ,provide space ,saves battery ,boosts memory and also protects your phone from malware .
• DU SPEED BOOSTER –This app cleans your phone and provides space to pace up its speed .It boosts RAM and protects from virus attacks .
• AVIRA ANTIVIRUS SECURITY – It allows you to scan apps or updates ,anti theft tools ,trigger alarm ,identity safeguard tool ,you can block unwanted callers or spams ,anti –phishing etc.


Such mobile security and anti viruses can help you increasing the lifetime of your device by protecting it from malwares .To enhance your work effectiveness without any hinderance do install  APK any antivirus on your devices

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