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Answers is a free mobile app used for exchanging the different questions and answers from different people in the society,they people can ask questions on general basis and can post easily in this app also thy can answer to questions that were being asked by other users, this app also provides a answer to all the questions that had been asked by the users of this app every time without any fail. It is available in many languages from around the globe like English, French, Spanish, Russian,German, Tagalog and many more also. In this app the users are also not known to each other but it is a great platform for all to ask and get answers upon life questions. This app was launched in the year 2005, January. The founders of this app are Bob Rosenschein and Mark Tebbe. This app includes many other sites inside it from which the users can directly search for things rather than asking it from other some of the related sites are WikiAnswers, ReferenceAnswers, and also international Q&A community. In 2010 the answers reached up to 10 million which is surely a very big number to answer.

This app has many more features to offer to its users which are being stated as follows-


download-answers-appVideo answering- this feature lets the users to get answers in the form of a video which helps them to better understand the answer and if something that could be missed in a simple text answer could surely be covered here in this feature, this feature was being provided to the users in 2010 and since then is working very efficiently, the users who cannot read and write can also now get the answers of what ever questions they have with the help of this amazing feature.
Hoopoe- in this feature a twitter answering service that was being launched in the year 2010 was being stated which helped the twitter users also to get the answers of their questions very easily, they just need to post the question on the official twitter account of this app @AnswersDotCom, a immediate reply to the questions would be given to the users with a link that provides detailed information about the same question in this app.
Skipping international- the app also has 5 international language Q&A communities already set up at their different offices that help the users of another countries to get the query to their problems easily, due to the change in language the users resist from asking the questions and also that the answers they get are not too much appropriate but here this problem was being identified and also solved by forming the special community for the same.

Google search engines- with the help of this feature the user can get to the google link where the answer of his pre described questions lie, the app gives a very precise link to the user with its own answer so that even if in case the user was unable to understand what answer is being given to him by this app then he could surely clear his doubts now by just simply opening the link at google and then reading the stuff from there as well.

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Who doesn’t have questions in their mind in today’s time, everyone has carried different questions and wants their perfect answers which is surely not possible with the real world to answer them, I am sure you must too have some questions in your mind which wants immediate answering ,so don’t trigger your mind and download this app now from our APK download link and get your answers so easily it will just take a few minutes to get installed in your device and af few mega bytes, download this app now from our APK app download link now..

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