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Angry birds is a widely popular video game created by Rovio Entertainment , a Finnish company .This game was a tremendous success since its introduction in 2009 .Till now the game has been transformed into films ,animated series ,comics ,books and games .The fun amount the game provides is colossal and this is the reason for its popularity . It is available on Android , iOS and OSX platforms to download .It has been downloaded over 500 million times across platforms .
In this game the birds and pigs live in close quarters on Piggy Island . A greedy King Pig rules over Piggy island with an iron hoof since long .As he gets bored by eating the same old food ,he order his minion pigs to steal the eggs from the birds to eat . This results as a very big mistake of the King which makes the birds very angry . With highly strung birds and thieving pigs living side by side ,conflict is all but inevitable . These birds aren’t the local birds .They are superpowers .

Characters of the game are –

angry-birdsANGRIEST BIRD – This bird has red outcast .His cynical look has kept him at odds with the other birds .
CHUCK – Chuck constantly runs at 100mph and that includes his mouth as well, Impulsive nature and endless commentary gets him into trouble very often .
BOMB-The chilliest bird ever who goes off when it’s about work, but Bomb struggles to control his power .
MATILDA –The leader of the anger management class on Bird island .Earlier she herself was an angry bird but now learnt from his errors .
BAD PIGGIES –The green guys like to party and dance .
MIGHTY EAGLE –A legend of mythical proportions in the bird community .The bird grew up with songs and tales about his amazing adventures and heroism .He is the only bird who has ever managed to fly due to his giant wings .
STELLA –Optimistic and bright bird .Her inquisitive nature made her one of the leading experts on Bird Island .


The goal of the game is to get rid of the pigs which are usually blocked by wood , glass ,stone or another material arranged into creative structures .Start by pulling back the slingshot with finger which determines the flight of birds .Lift off the finger from screen when you are ready .Know the birds and use strategies to eliminate enemies .Observe he entire level of the game and know where to attack . Look for explosives and use trajectory guide and go through each level .


You can download Angry Birds from our APK website by clicking on header or footer options of the page and enjoy gaming .

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