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9apps is an app distribution platform for mobile, it is one of the best tool which helps you to download every sort of multimedia content directly to your device such as wallpapers, games, ringtones or any of the app. The amazing app store was founded almost three years from now in December 2013 and It is today widely used by millions of people around the world because of its mini package file size and utility. It allows the users of android mobile to download any game or app with out logging in..
Most of us generally use play store to download or update any app, games, wallpaper app etc but now with the launching of this app many people prefer it more as it is a tiny sized single app that gives access to more than lakhs of resources under one hood.


This easy to use and simple to handle app store has several benefits. Some of which are discussed below-
It has different filters available that helps the users in finding or searching for the desired ringtone or wallpaper.
The app store benefits you as it saves your money because the apps or games you download APK from here are free of cost.
Security protection is also one of the major benefit of the app store as it helps in protecting from virus, malwares and other various sorts of threats.
Its fun to use and have access to the apps of 9apps . Each app is full of intense amount of fun as well as great ease and comfort.


9appsLets talk about the lay out of 9apps in brief that gives a view of its display features-
After getting the app intalled in your device, it displays features such as wallpaper downloading options, intelligent recommendations and end number of resources. The app also offers the layout with many sections like apps of every kind, different exciting and fun giving games, Wallpaper, Ringtone and Special.
In the lower part of screen, the user is provided with an option of category, search, download, settings etc. The functions of which are as follows-
Category helps in categorization of items of selected tab of groups. Download APK tab shows the apps that are downloaded in your device.


The world wide users of this amazing app find it very much helpful and useful in every aspect. The app has multiple functions that gives the users more satisfaction. The UI of 9apps is also very smooth and easy going which do not require much customization.
Several categories of the app adds up more light to the sectional variety.
So, over all it can be said that it is a perfect tool which should be available in every device that is compatible with it in order to avail its great features.