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360 security is a free mobile app used for protecting all the files kept in our devices and also to prevent our device from any kind of virus that may encrypt all our data and create problems in our device. Like a world of today phones ,tablets and computers are a essential for everybody not only as a source of communication but also it does a lot of other tasks for us like storing our important data even business related data and many more things so due to this reason it has become very important for us to protect our devices from any kind of harm that would not only harm our device but could also harm our life’s also indirectly, because if any kind of important data is lost that will create a lot of problem for many around not only for the person the device was concerned to but also for many others related to that person in any sense too. This app is a one stop solution for any problem that could damage the files of data of our devices and is available for almost all type of operating systems. This app is being beautifully designed to protect your devices from any malfunctioning and is very easy to use also due to which all type of users can use it conveniently.

This app has many more features to offer to its users amongst them some are being stated as follows-


360-securityCall blocking- there are many spam callers or even other then slam callers also people who call and disturb us many often but we do not want to get connected to them, this app has got a solution to this problem also , you can just go in this app and select the call block option for the users who you don’t want to connect to and this can be done very very easily with the help of this app and they will never be able to reach to you again.
SIM alerts- when you change a SIM card of a device or by any chance the sim is being taken out of the phone then also this app is going to send the user a notification telling that the sim was being disconnected to the device an either they need to insert a second card to need to plug that in correctly so that the device can function properly.
App locker- this app has inbuild app lock system with which you can lock which ever app you want to in your device and no third party without a specific pin or pattern would not be able to open that app and that pin or pattern would only be specified to the user only.
Antivirus protection- it is a type of protection that keep the device safe from any kind of anti virus that could enter the device from any means , viruses can destroy anything and everything in the device so to keep the devices safe from them is very important that is being done with this feature.

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All the users of any device should for sure have this app in their devices if they want to keep them protected and under safe wings , because even a single thing can destroy all the data in your device and then you will be left with nothing except regret so don’t think much and just download this app right now from our APK download link ..

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